Monday, February 28, 2011

I am so doing this!

I love going to Publix and bringing my own bags, but I hate when I sort my bags with what I want only to get my fruit with some cans! I don't know why, but that red button that makes me go crazy gets hit and I look like this!

I know it's not Publix fault that I am crazy. The poor employee probably hates me, but I think I just discovered a way I could be sane! Well at least try to be not so nutso.

I discovered this! I want to so make them!

I found them via Celebrate The Boy
Aren't they so beautiful!

I want! I will make! Okay I think I maybe getting craft crazy now, but I need to make these. The people at Publix need me to make them, right?

I am doing it for the better of mankind so it's a service project.
Let me see where that falls into our budget.

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