Monday, March 5, 2012

Rainbow breakfast

This morning I felt like I wanted to do something cool for my kids.
I had seen someone make rainbow cupcakes.
I thought well why not rainbow pancakes.
I am sure someone else has thought of this before me
I was so excited to make them.

I put some pancake mix (about 3 or 4 spoon fulls) into a snack size ziplock bag.

To my dismay I wasn't going to have enough mix to make the pancakes, too.
I kind of knew this in the beginning, but I thought I had flour.

I did have cake mix. I added some cake mix in there.
Way Super Duper Good!
I am just saying.

Moving on to this beauty.
I cut a small whole in the corner of the bag,
made some cool rainbow shapes,
and then cooked it as normal.

I was a little bummed that I could not see the rainbow shape when I flipped
the pancake over, but it was fun.
My kids thought I was cool.
So I would say this was a success!

CTR Notebooks

I have been teaching some great 8-10 year old girls ever!
Since we are studying the Book of Mormon this year
I have invited the girls to read the whole book by the end of the year.
To help them log their reading I asked them to write
down or draw a picture something about what they read.
They kept saying they did not have a book to write in so they
would bring their reading on a sheet of paper.

I had an idea to help them keep everything in one book.

I got this little guy at the dollar store.

Found some scrapbook paper lying around, printed CTR (silhouette helped),
and cut the paper to the right size.

Some tape or glue and a few minutes later you have this

Here is the front inside.

I made one for each girl.
They were thrilled.
They have all read the last two weeks and showed me their progress.
This was their treat.
I am excited what they have to share this coming week.

St Patty Fun

My husband is an ultra nerd. Well an ultra language nerd.
I am Mexican and like all Mexicans, you go back enough
while doing genealogy you find that you are Spaniard.

It so happens my ancestors are from Northern Spain.
If you go back far enough you find that the Celts went around and conquered stuff.
Therefore, I am Celtiberian.

Now I can celebrate St. Patrick's day with some Celtic pride.

I am really short....
Maybe I am part Leprechaun, too?