Thursday, April 21, 2011



Followed by mine.

This is a drop of goodness!
I made a some Reese Peanut Butter Eggs.
Let me say it was so SO SO easy and SOOOOOOOOOO Good!

I used Ghirardelli Chocolate. So you do, too!
Let me just say this amazing treat will be all you crave for weeks.
Get the recipe from All Things Fabulous.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Total Womp Fest

Definition: Thumbs down on a big scale

I saw this amazing Peep tutorial.
My craft side of me jumped like Mexican Jumping Jelly Beans.

I knew my sister-in-law would wet her pants if she got this for Easter.
Weird cute novelties are up her alley.

Let's just say my first stuffed animal and peep attempt is not as amazing as
Please go to her link and see how this little guy is supposed to come out.

I am still sending this to my sister-in-law.
She is one of my favorite peeps.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

One Sunday Morning

I bought this turtle neck at Target knowing I hate wearing them.
Why did I waste my $3? Because I saw potential that this clearance item could be beautiful!
I am pregnant and somewhat in my fluffy state and my pregnant clothes are getting boring!

So here is my transformed shirt. By the way I made my top before church on Sunday. I really needed something knew to wear. Project time was like 2 hours!

I took of the turtle.
Let face it short chubby people in the summer in a turtle neck don't mix.

It's gone!

I am about to cut this shirt in half!

It's cut!

This is the turtle neck part and it will be my neck decor.

Two inch strips.

My final product! I look so cute!

Here is a close up. I really love the way it came out. I am so proud of myself.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I needed a change

Do you ever get tired of looking at your old stuff?

I DO!!!!

Sometimes you just need something new, BUT you really don't have the funds to do so.

That is why I love crafting!!!

I had some paint left over from refurbishing a crib I got on craigslist.
(I have not posted my finished product because I can't remember how to put it together!!!
I am in the process of getting a smarter persons help.)

So I had this brown (boring) thread holder and cork board. My room decor is red and white and since we downsized to a smaller apartment my bedroom is my craft room, too.
I could no longer stand the ugly brown when I saw all the cool craft rooms
and stuff my favorite blogs, that I follow, were doing.

I needed something pretty, too. I like what came out from the stuff I had around my house.

I started to paint and then realized I needed a before picture.
I got this thread holder from my Mother-in-law.
I have awesome in-laws by the way.

Once again I started to paint without taking a before picture.

Mounted on my wall, almost done!

Not even an hour later I had something so much prettier!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My mistake Easter dress came out so cute. I only wish I had a model. Once I told my neighbors daughter the dress was not for her she would not let me try it on her again. I was so sad, but when I had it on her for the fit, the dress looked awesome on her. It is not the best made dress, but it is my first finished dress ever made. It is a little Jackie O Easter/Spring dress. My little sister is going to look so cute in it. The best part is the fabric only cost $4 and it took me like 3 hours to do. I love awesome things!

I love the buttons! I had bought some buttons, but I lost them. Plan "B" was so mush cuter!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Bling!

I have out done myself this time. I am getting better at making these silk flowers. These ones are so pretty, but my favorite is the white one I made. When I get a picture of it I will post it!