Saturday, April 16, 2011

I needed a change

Do you ever get tired of looking at your old stuff?

I DO!!!!

Sometimes you just need something new, BUT you really don't have the funds to do so.

That is why I love crafting!!!

I had some paint left over from refurbishing a crib I got on craigslist.
(I have not posted my finished product because I can't remember how to put it together!!!
I am in the process of getting a smarter persons help.)

So I had this brown (boring) thread holder and cork board. My room decor is red and white and since we downsized to a smaller apartment my bedroom is my craft room, too.
I could no longer stand the ugly brown when I saw all the cool craft rooms
and stuff my favorite blogs, that I follow, were doing.

I needed something pretty, too. I like what came out from the stuff I had around my house.

I started to paint and then realized I needed a before picture.
I got this thread holder from my Mother-in-law.
I have awesome in-laws by the way.

Once again I started to paint without taking a before picture.

Mounted on my wall, almost done!

Not even an hour later I had something so much prettier!


  1. FREE WAFFLE??? Where!?!??

    Haha... I love that thats what I noticed about this. :)

  2. I LOVE painting stuff to make it "new" again. Great job! I need one of those thread holder things.