Saturday, September 15, 2012


So no one won because no one saw my post.  


I guess I will have to blog more and get more followers before I try this again.  I will do this again.  
Who does not free stuff?

I DO!!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

AM Girl Doll Headband Giveaway

I have been having a great time making things for the last two years.

I just made the coolest and cutest thing.


They came out super cute.  I then started to make ones on plastic headbands.

I am in love with them!


Here is the best part I am giving away 3!!!!
1.Solid colored headband
2.Flower on elastic headband
3. Satin Flower on headband

What do you need to do?
1. Go to my Etsy shop That's Lolli
2. Leave a comment with the one you would pick

Want a second Entry?
1. Like me on Facebook
2. Leave a comment

I will pick two winners from my blog and one from my Facebook

Winners to be announced on September 12, 2012 at 8pm.
10% off code: PIGGY10

Bon Chance!!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Fourth!

I love the 4th of July!

It has always been my favorite holiday.
Who can't love a day where you get all sweaty, eat watermelon, and snuggle 
close together
in the dark
watch fireworks 
that boom in your chest!


I love making things to make the 4th more fun.
Last year at this time I was pregnant with Miss Nora.  I have always wanted a baby around the 4th.  I have had in my head what I wanted when I took her birthday pictures.

I made this vintage fabric banner for back drop of her pictures.  I am out of town and so I decided to try taking some pre-pictures.

I am really excited how it came out and look forward to getting home.  I have a perfect spot for
taking her pictures.  The banner also makes a great addition for a bedroom, birthday, or wedding background.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Rainbow breakfast

This morning I felt like I wanted to do something cool for my kids.
I had seen someone make rainbow cupcakes.
I thought well why not rainbow pancakes.
I am sure someone else has thought of this before me
I was so excited to make them.

I put some pancake mix (about 3 or 4 spoon fulls) into a snack size ziplock bag.

To my dismay I wasn't going to have enough mix to make the pancakes, too.
I kind of knew this in the beginning, but I thought I had flour.

I did have cake mix. I added some cake mix in there.
Way Super Duper Good!
I am just saying.

Moving on to this beauty.
I cut a small whole in the corner of the bag,
made some cool rainbow shapes,
and then cooked it as normal.

I was a little bummed that I could not see the rainbow shape when I flipped
the pancake over, but it was fun.
My kids thought I was cool.
So I would say this was a success!

CTR Notebooks

I have been teaching some great 8-10 year old girls ever!
Since we are studying the Book of Mormon this year
I have invited the girls to read the whole book by the end of the year.
To help them log their reading I asked them to write
down or draw a picture something about what they read.
They kept saying they did not have a book to write in so they
would bring their reading on a sheet of paper.

I had an idea to help them keep everything in one book.

I got this little guy at the dollar store.

Found some scrapbook paper lying around, printed CTR (silhouette helped),
and cut the paper to the right size.

Some tape or glue and a few minutes later you have this

Here is the front inside.

I made one for each girl.
They were thrilled.
They have all read the last two weeks and showed me their progress.
This was their treat.
I am excited what they have to share this coming week.

St Patty Fun

My husband is an ultra nerd. Well an ultra language nerd.
I am Mexican and like all Mexicans, you go back enough
while doing genealogy you find that you are Spaniard.

It so happens my ancestors are from Northern Spain.
If you go back far enough you find that the Celts went around and conquered stuff.
Therefore, I am Celtiberian.

Now I can celebrate St. Patrick's day with some Celtic pride.

I am really short....
Maybe I am part Leprechaun, too?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Earrings are so in

A year ago I started making flowers for fun. I wanted to do something to make some extra money. I went from making felt flowers to poly satin ones. I started selling them to a local shop and then at craft shows. The following picture shows me at my very first show.
I really didn't know what I was doing, but at that time I thought I was so COOL!

I still think I am cool!

I was so excited! I thought I had cool things.

I am so grateful for that day. I have always pushed myself to make something "new."
If anything the new would be new to me.

I have really loved how the burnt poly satin flowers look.
I decided to make them in ring size after I started making flowers for 18 in dolls.
The rings led me to EARRINGS!


I know I made them, but they so rock!

Let's just say that I am looking forward to making more colors.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

State your love

I have seen the cutest state art on different blogs and online.
I have often said to myself,

I wish I could buy everything I see/saw.
My husband is in school and I do not have that luxury.

One day.

Anyway moving on from my pocket book.

This is what I made with my new favorite toy!

I got this beauty because of my Santa-in-laws.
Yes, he still visits me.
I have been good.

Two Christmases ago my husband told my in-laws that he didn't want a big gift. He wanted me to have this under the tree instead. I did not know this until after Christmas morning.
I about died when I saw it. I was so afraid to use it for about a year.
This past Christmas I got vinyl and heat transfer paper.

So for the last few weeks it has become a close friend of mine.
Since Sillie and I have become BBF's (maybe I will give it a better name)
we have made a few cool things.

Including this:


It also made me finally put things on my wall, with nails.
It has a home.

I love my wall art.

Canvas $4.70 (HL coupon)
Images $0 (online)
Vinyl $0 (Christmas)

I love my Silhouette!
(My mother-in-law, too, she believes in my crafts)
(She also really makes me feel like they are the coolest thing she has ever seen)

P.S. GA is my hubby and AZ is me


I am so sad.

I just finished a project that I was so excited about doing.


I wanted to make my kid's some Valentine's Day shirts. I bought them each a black shirt or onesie. I decided to start on my infants onesie, first.

I had this great idea to dollie paint hearts on the girl's shirts.

This is what my inspiration was.
I found these really cute, smaller hearts, at Target for like a buck.

I had all of my supplies ready.
2 Dollies ($1)
Fabric paint (leftover)
Sponge (drawer)
Onesie ($4)
Cost $5
Fun: Priceless (so I thought)

My template and what I wanted it to look like.

Came out "OKAY" not what I wanted, but I was "OKAY" with it.


What you are about to see made me SAD!

The paper got stuck to the shirt, too much paint.
I have tried a few things, but I am still working on removing it.
So so so so ......x1 million sad.

I think I will leave cool art to my heat transfer paper via my silhouette.

She is still going to wear this onesie. I will fix it.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Spray Paint is my friend

I love shopping!
Who doesn't like finding something useful and cool?

One if my favorite places to shop is at my in-laws house.
They had this old chair in their garage.
My father-in-law had it next to the trash can and I asked if I could have it.

So now I was a proud owner of an ugly faded kid chair.
May I say, "A PROUD owner!"

A Little bit of ugly never scared me

My friend the spray can and I had a job to do.
We made ugly into my son's favorite new chair!

Look how pretty, or um cool (if you're a guy).
My son was so HAPPY!

Project total $4.50

PS with the leftover paint I colored his bookshelf.
Two for one fun!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Picnik Fun

The previous post was of the most wonderful pictures I took of my kids. They were so GOOD. Everyone did what I wanted them to. I took like three pictures of each kid.

The following is of two of my youngest that did not make the cut.
I feel kind of bad because I think she is cute when she cries.
I probably should not think that, but it is true.

Here is the story.
Giggles and laughing.
She hit her head on the tree when she wiggled while she giggled.


I did make a good thing out of a bad situation.
I took my images to my fav site PICNIK.COM
Came up with this fun little picture.

She is going to have plenty of Valentine's days to find out how cool
AND lame guys are.

I hope she finds a guy like my husband. He was cool enough for me to say, "I do."

Monday, January 16, 2012

Valentine Decor

I know I took these pictures this morning, but I had to have them on my wall!

I went over to Wal-Mart and them printed. I even finished spray painting my new frame so I could put this up before I lost momentum to do it. I love the way it came out.

I had to add a few pictures of the rest of my decor.
My husband is a student so we have a budget. These are last years pillows I made from leftover fabric and the red pillows are from a quilting project (leftovers).

Doesn't frugality look awesome!

I am so happy how they look.

Here is our table.
Place mats I got after V-day last year for like $2.
The flowers are a year round thing.
My husband gave those to me when he proposed.
Red carnations are my favorite flower.

Valentine fun

This cutie

Plus this one

and Mr. Stud muffin


I must say that I love because look at my cuties! I actually saw this idea on another blog, but I don't know where or what it was called. I am going to be printing out each picture and framing them. I love cool picture ideas and Picnik. we go well together.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


In the honor of my birthday I am hosting a giveaway! Go to my Facebook page to Enter!