Monday, January 23, 2012

Spray Paint is my friend

I love shopping!
Who doesn't like finding something useful and cool?

One if my favorite places to shop is at my in-laws house.
They had this old chair in their garage.
My father-in-law had it next to the trash can and I asked if I could have it.

So now I was a proud owner of an ugly faded kid chair.
May I say, "A PROUD owner!"

A Little bit of ugly never scared me

My friend the spray can and I had a job to do.
We made ugly into my son's favorite new chair!

Look how pretty, or um cool (if you're a guy).
My son was so HAPPY!

Project total $4.50

PS with the leftover paint I colored his bookshelf.
Two for one fun!


  1. I love spray paint! That Krylon Fusion kind is the best. I used it to paint my cricut pink. That blue is amazing! Great job.

  2. Krylon is my best friend! I have a Cyan color that is really nice, too. I am going to use it on my display board hooks. When it is done I will post it.