Thursday, January 26, 2012

State your love

I have seen the cutest state art on different blogs and online.
I have often said to myself,

I wish I could buy everything I see/saw.
My husband is in school and I do not have that luxury.

One day.

Anyway moving on from my pocket book.

This is what I made with my new favorite toy!

I got this beauty because of my Santa-in-laws.
Yes, he still visits me.
I have been good.

Two Christmases ago my husband told my in-laws that he didn't want a big gift. He wanted me to have this under the tree instead. I did not know this until after Christmas morning.
I about died when I saw it. I was so afraid to use it for about a year.
This past Christmas I got vinyl and heat transfer paper.

So for the last few weeks it has become a close friend of mine.
Since Sillie and I have become BBF's (maybe I will give it a better name)
we have made a few cool things.

Including this:


It also made me finally put things on my wall, with nails.
It has a home.

I love my wall art.

Canvas $4.70 (HL coupon)
Images $0 (online)
Vinyl $0 (Christmas)

I love my Silhouette!
(My mother-in-law, too, she believes in my crafts)
(She also really makes me feel like they are the coolest thing she has ever seen)

P.S. GA is my hubby and AZ is me


  1. That's cute! Is your Silhouette the new Cameo? I've heard so much about it.

  2. It's not the Cameo. I want that one. I have the original and it is my craft love!