Monday, March 5, 2012

Rainbow breakfast

This morning I felt like I wanted to do something cool for my kids.
I had seen someone make rainbow cupcakes.
I thought well why not rainbow pancakes.
I am sure someone else has thought of this before me
I was so excited to make them.

I put some pancake mix (about 3 or 4 spoon fulls) into a snack size ziplock bag.

To my dismay I wasn't going to have enough mix to make the pancakes, too.
I kind of knew this in the beginning, but I thought I had flour.

I did have cake mix. I added some cake mix in there.
Way Super Duper Good!
I am just saying.

Moving on to this beauty.
I cut a small whole in the corner of the bag,
made some cool rainbow shapes,
and then cooked it as normal.

I was a little bummed that I could not see the rainbow shape when I flipped
the pancake over, but it was fun.
My kids thought I was cool.
So I would say this was a success!