Monday, February 28, 2011

Working on...

I have a few projects I am working on. I am currently sanding a crib I bought on craigslist. Let me tell you sanding when you have a weird back problems is a pain. Not to mention my finger tips hurt. I have two pieces sanded and one half painted. It rained so I had to take a break.

My second project is making Ts. Patrick's day pillows, but with no money that is hard, BUT I just found a way I maybe able to pull this off.

I found this blog Two Girls Being Crafty that use PAINT to make a design on white fabric. Genius!!! I would have appliqu├ęd or something difficult like that. I have plain fabric that needs to be used. I own green paint and a Silhouette. I am so on this.

Now to find the time in between making all my hair bows, watching my kids, driving here and there, and working on my other business, when can I have fun.

I will post my fun when I am done............

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