Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Decor

Yesterday, I had a few minutes to spare. NOT! I was having company and I needed an excuse to make my house look cute. For months, well more like four years, I have been wanting to make some pillow slips for Halloween. I must say when I am motivated I can work fast. I made four pillow slips in about 35 minutes. I am a fast sewer and plus most of my work had been done like
three years ago.

When I first moved to Georgia I joined a quilting group. We were making Halloween table runners. I still had mine with only the quilt top done all these years. So what did I do yesterday, finally put them to good use. Have a look. I must say they look awesome!!!!

Pictures is sideways, but you can see how cool it came out.

This is my two pillows together. I am looking to make a candy corn one.
If I have sometime.

I made this a while ago. I have my tutorial pictures, I will post them soon.
The thing under is the future home of pictures of my three children.
I have not gotten that far in my crafting.
My THREE children are 3 and under, he will soon be 4,
but you can see why most of my projects are half-way done.
My other Halloween decor. I got the sign last year for like a buck.
Go Me!
The Haunted HOuse Candle warmer is Scentsy.

I got this little guy for like 50 cents and painted him.
Cute and cheap!

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  1. Oh, WAY cute decorating! Love the crazy quilt pillow slips! You got some fabulous deals on the decor, too. Bet your little ones have lots of fun the whole season. :)