Thursday, October 13, 2011

Woody Tutorial.

I am not fancy or do I like to fallow directions. What I did was place the vest I had on my material and cut around it. I made it bigger to have a seam allowance.
I made two of these.
I cut one of my two pieces around the neck to make it come down further
and then cut the piece in half for my vest flaps.

Then the unforgettable happened!!!
Pet peeve number 2 in sewing.

This is me sewing. I thought it would be a fun shot.
My two front parts sewn all around except the parts that I would sew to the back.

I had one happy cowboy in the end.
He even wore it to bed!
I may not be the best sewer, but my boy is happy.
This fabric was 50% off this week at my Joann's.
I purchased a half a yard and I have enough left over to make another one for my 2 year old.
I might even make a baby one of my 3 month old.

Total: $4
$3 Vest Fabric
$1 Hat
Red Fabric on hand
His smile=Priceless

The bandanna was an after thought. I had some left over red fabric and I cut it into a triangle.
I have not even sewn it, but you know he didn't care.
He was in little boy heaven.

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